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I like Lingerie. I guess it's fairly obvious if I've got a site all about measuring your bra size! And what better place to share my likes with the world than my own site.


This page is a bit of a hotch potch of stuff I've found and like and wanna tell people about. I don't claim to be a fashionista or down with the latest trends, but I can share with you pretty little numbers and outfits that I've found along the way which to me are 'saying something'. Hmm, might call my page that!

In the interests of openness, fairness and laying my cards completely on the table, some of these items may be from my advertisers. BUT, I aint gonna show you something I don't like or wouldn't buy myself. So, intro over!



    Henry Holland Tights



Henry Holland Super Suspender Tights

You've got to give it to Henry Holland, he sure knows how to make a pair of tights. Just when you think you've pretty much seen all a pair of tights can offer, he comes up with some stunning designs to make you think, wow!


Already a firm favourite with Jessie J, his tights are gaining more and more well deserved attention by the general public. These Super Suspender tights are one of his best ever sellers and are stylish addition to your tights collection. Coming in at under £13, this is designer fashion at a very affordable price.


View the full fabulous Henry Holland range HERE.



    Mary & Charnos Armery hits the shops


Mary Portas has introduced a brand new concept in arm wear which she has called 'Armery'. She's teamed up with hosiery experts Charnos to produce a new line of clothing just for the arms. It's designed to hide and shape those 'bingo wings' which many women find hard to ditch.

It's been selling like hotcakes in House Of Fraser and reportedly the first batch sold out in only a few days. I'm sure Mary's heaving a sigh of relief that her concept of 'clothing for women not girls' appears to be striking a chord with the nation.

So you can now swathe those
not-quite-model-like arms in either black lace or plain indigo, magenta or black hosiery fabric. Perfect for that sleeveless dress which you thought you'd never wear again.

As well as being available at House Of Fraser, you can currently find them in selected online stores including TightsPlease and UKTights.


    Mimi Holiday Silk Lace Plunge Bra


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These guys are great. They manage to produce such colourful little numbers which just hit the right note. Not only are their designs fabulous but I think it's the choice of colours they use which makes them special. They know just what two or three colours to throw together to make the items sing.

One of my favourites is this Yellow Pink Silk Lace plunge bra. This balconette bra is just gorgeous. Its the colours! Talk about bringing some tropical warmth to your evenings.  Also comes with a matching lace boyshort in Pink with the same vibrant yellow detail at the back. Me likes!





        Check the Polka Dot!

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Although they're best known for their high quality fashion legwear(and they do some amazing legwear), Wolford are starting to make some nice little lingerie pieces. Wolford came to wider public attention last year when Cheryl Cole was spotted wearing their 'Bondage' tights in an X-factor performance. Anyway, check out this polka dot set.

If you're gonna do a polka dot bra set, then do this one. I don't even know why I like it so much. It's just simple and to-the-point but not in your face. I guess its the subtleness of it. A black polka dot on a transparent tulle with a black scalloped ribbon edging in quality fabrics.  It's just effortlessy sexy!  Gets the 'Saying Something' seal of approval.