Measure Your Bra Size




There are some important things to note about how this calculator works. The first thing to say is that NO calculator will be completely accurate. Read our problem with sizing page to find out more about why this is.

Different calculators tend to use slightly different methods. This is because there is no universal measuring method agreed upon by all the manufacturers. What we’ve tried to do is use the most common methods adopted by most bra manufacturers so you can get a basic idea of your size when visiting shops or ordering online.

The calculator we use looks up values in a table which uses the most common sizing systems in the major world regions. This includes the European ISO bra sizing standard for continental Europe(EN 13402), the UK inch system for UK,  and the US inch system. Even though these systems are the most commonly used ones, some manufacturers will still use their own sizing systems.

Thus it is important to use any bra calculator as a guide only and not to rely absolutely on any result given.