Measure Your Bra Size


Changing a Bra Size

A common misconception is that when a bra becomes tight around the band, then you should buy the next size up eg) 34C to 36C.  However, cup sizes are relative to the underbust measurement. Therefore if a woman's breast size and volume has stayed the same,  the cup size should be reduced to compensate for the wider band. Thus a 34C and a 36B have the same volume inside the cup.  So if you gain a band size, drop a cup size. If you lose a band size, go up a cup size.

Breasts bulging over bra

The cup size is too small. Try going up a cup size.

Bra cups are loose

Move down a cup size or tighten the bra straps

The cups fit differently

Most women have one breast larger than the other and is entirely normal. Try tightening the strap on the smaller breast so that the cup fits closer to the skin. This should reduce the puckering effect on the smaller cup. Alternatively, choose a bra which is slightly padded to reduce the visible difference between the cups